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Cloud-based LIMS (Laboratory Information Management System) for Cannabis laboratories by 42+0 Technologies and PharmLabs LLC

What is it?

About PharmWare

PharmWare™ came to life through collaboration between PharmLabs LLC and 42+0 Technologies, creating the standard for cannabis analytics and software solutions designed specifically for cannabis testing laboratories. The four year partnership between Greg Magdoff, founder and owner of the cannabis testing and analysis laboratories PharmLabs LLC, and the software engineering team lead by Emanuele Tozzato culminated on January 2015 at the first annual Emerald Conference with the announcement of 42+0 Technologies and the release of PharmWare™ came as a response to the increasing magnitude in cannabis regulation for laboratory testing.

Dr. John Abrams, founder of Abrams Bio-consulting, a cannabis consulting firm specializing in cannabis Antibody and Ethnobotanical research says: "The burgeoning Cannabis industry requires the accurate compilation of large amounts of analytical data to ensure the health and safety of the products we are providing. The PharmWare software platform provides the perfect solution to the Cannabis Testing sector"

Companies in the cannabis space tend to describe themselves as groundbreaking ventures with unique and disruptive ideas. We prefer telling the simple, straightforward story of how we acquired a consolidated knowledge in the domain, solved our own problem and then realized our solution could help other laboratories to work better and contain costs.

The LIMS started small, with the simple idea of entering test results and automatically formatting certificates of analysis. However, as the laboratory gained momentum, new requirements surfaced and better functionalities were implemented, tested and made available to the team and the clients. An early offer of mutual equity swap between PharmLabs LLC and what would become 42+0 Technologies has been decisive to the success of the platform and allowed for a unique opportunity for engagement.

PharmLabs is a self-funded venture: frugality and cost containment were always relevant, so the LIMS took on the responsibility of scaling - achieving large laboratories throughput with a small, well-qualified team. Numbers back the claim: over 20,000 samples in the database, an average of 800 samples entered monthly in 2017 compared to about 200 from 2014 with the same workforce: the multi-disciplined CEO, one patient laboratory director, and one brave sample intake specialist. And, of course a well prepared, automation-obsessed informatics manager.

PharmWare promotes batch operations and low-level integration. Our ideal, most optimized workflow is defined as follows:

  • Registered clients with access to their dashboard can use testing credits to order new tests, opening the chain of custody from their location.
  • Alternatively, a sample intake specialist could perform sampling on a handled device at the client's location or receive samples at the laboratory drop-off. Ordering or placing samples for testing and label printing can obviously be performed as a batch operation.
  • If the sample is part of the state seed-to-sale tracking system, its attributes will be imported into the LIMS, either scanning the barcode or entering the sample/batch identification code.
  • Labels will be generated: a large, multi-purpose label with a very detailed set of information is usually added to the original sample container for 'offline handling', smaller labels are printed for the physical chain of custody form and thumb-sized labels with a 2D code (Semacode) are available for sample boats and vials. Also, automation labels**.
  • Samples that undergo the photographic process before homogenization can leverage the small label to recognize and automatically process the association between photo and sample in the system, making this time-consuming step effortless.
  • Photos are automatically resized, watermarked with the laboratory logo and uploaded to the "cloud".
  • Results reporting, mission critical task for laboratories, offers a few options: manual entry of individual analytes, import and processing of quantification tables emitted by GC and HPLC instruments and batch upload in spreadsheet format depending on individual needs and practices.
  • Once results are in, notifications with a compendium of the analysis findings can be sent to clients via text or email and reported to 3rd party APIs (WeedMaps, Leafly) and the state's seed-to-sale system.
  • In their self-service dashboard, clients can see their results, download certificates and labels, access their orders and invoices, configure 3rd part integrations, export testing data, etc. This generally translates into 80% less calls to the laboratory.

Our LIMS is a hosted web application, which gets deployed to private instances to ensure maximum data integrity and performances (each client uses its own database and server). Updates and fixes are automatically propagated to all clients, individually required features are usually distributed with a 'feature flag' (only available to the requester).

A demo version of PharmWare can be found at www.PharmWareApp.com/pages/demo-version, with free access for anyone to explore the platform and quantify the benefits for their business. PharmLabs LLC website is powered by PharmWare and can be found at www.PharmLabsCannabisTesting.com.

PharmLabs LLC was founded in 2011 in San Diego and has become the premier cannabis testing laboratory in Southern California brining reliability and accuracy to cannabis analytics. PharmLabs tests for potency, terpene, residual solvent, pesticides, heavy metals and microbiological contaminates for the cannabis community and beyond.

The reliability and accuracy of the laboratory can also be pointed to PharmWare's business solution software.

** Vial labels are configurable to produce the exact number of annotated labels for the test ordered: for example, a sample requiring potency and terpenes could print WB MST QECHR POT and MST QECHR TERP. This feature doesn't only benefit humans but has been specifically built, in conjunction with the automation API, for sample preparation robots (Obotics).

the platform we Built, Love and can't work without

What does it do?


"We eat our own ice cream"

PharmWare™ was tailored around years of operations at PharmLabs where it's used day and night. It grew into an intelligent assistant, a business solution that maximizes the instrument throughput, not an opinionated software that gets in the way of the user. The team at 42+0 Technologies has been into web application since 1999.

PharmWare™ is a cloud based software that is individually deployed and managed on a private virtual server using a private database with hourly backups to ensure maximum security, privacy and peace of mind of the client. Our platform of choice is Heroku Inc., one of the leader provider of modern cloud computing.

Updates to the platform such as bug-fix, improvements and new features are released weekly (unless urgent) and go thought a rigorous testing process on our staging servers. All the changes are communicated in advance to the clients with our newsletter and reported to our technical blog when released.

Seamless Sample Intake

Potency, Terpene, Microbial, Residual Solvent, Pesticide and Heavy Metals. Eliminates unnecessary error from typos and mix ups at intake.

Batch Uploads

Post hundreds of testing results from spreadsheets with a few clicks of the mouse.

Certificate of Analysis (COA) and Labels

Post your test results and you are done! The platform automatically creates official COA complete with graphs and compliance labels for clients to print and use immediately.

Automatic test result posting notification (SMS)

Send batch text message notifications to clients with aggregated updates on results posted. No waiting and checking on accounts, clients know the minute results are posted in real time.

Public API

Enable the Public API to grant third party applications with access to your result database; Private/Authenticated API access coming soon!

Sales representatives

Attach sales representatives to tests sales to generate performance metrics and simplify commission payments. Make pay day easy and predictable!

Overview of complete database of test results

See every test ever run through the laboratory using powerful filters or data dump to spreadsheets to discover correlations in test data.


Invoices created automatically for every transaction and posted to clients account for easy access


Tracks all sales in easy to read reports that can be integrated to Quick Books and other accounting software. Track unused test credits and deferred revenue separately for laboratories using prepaid testing systems to get an accurate view and understanding of your current revenue in real time.

Pre-configured Dashboard views

Know what is due, recently updated/submitted, completed, available, incomplete. Easily identify test type (Potency, Terpene, Microbial, Residual..), sample type (Flower, Concentrate, Edible..) with color coding and tool-tips.

Data Export

Filter-obeying data export will allow your test data to get to spreadsheets (JSON and XML also available) fast and run valuable statistics or data import.


Centralize your clients contact information and communications.

Keep in touch for Announcements, Updates and Events!

we charge you by the sample, because you should only pay for what you use**

The more you run, the less you pay!

Adjust the slider to the number of samples logged per month:

Your monthly fee for 100 samples is 500 USD.

That's an average of USD per sample.
Min Max
** A one-time setup fee might be required to provision, configure and run your private server for your laboratory if the included setup does not cover your laboratory specific requirements. Please contact us for additional information and a detailed quote.
Training, support, backups, updates and troubleshoot are included!

The minimum usage fee, to cover the costs of provisioning, configuring and running your private system and ensuring we can offer proper support is 500 USD/month. This cost includes the first 100 samples/month. We are by far the most cost effective LIMS on the market.

Obviously, you can export your data and cancel the service anytime if you are not satisfied.

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